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Short overview

The Gebrüder Brunner Zwirnerei is able to look back over 183 years of company history.

Here we have a short explanation of our production sector:


Knotted or spliced wound packages can be produced on our
precision assembly winder up to 10 times.
We are able to produce with Resistat, Negastat, Kevlar,
Filament, cotton, wool and nylon as standard.
Over and above this, we also produce with Lycra and elastic garn with individual draft.


The electronic data processing control on each twisted yarn spindle
provides us with the exact length of the yarn.
Cradle load relief system and traverse variation device enable the production of soft coloured coils with well-dyed coil edges.


The twisted yarn can be directly treated in a computer-controlled Welker steam unit.

Should you have interest in our unique and individual quality preparation for your high quality yarn, then you can

Why not get in touch with us? We will gladly supply an advantageous quotation
for your valuable yarn.